10 Best Gauge Wire For Wrapping Stones in 2021

If you have accurate wire then wrapping beautiful stones will be riveting craftwork so far for you. Making various segments of jewelry with such wires you will not only face exceptional challenges but also you will able to learn about wire wrapping 101 techniques and tools for sure.

For wrapping stones, you need a variety of wrapping wires with different finishes, strengths, and gauges. Among so many products choosing the best gauge wire for wrapping stones brings about the main struggle.

Here we have made your selection journey smooth by disclosing the 10 most appreciated gauge wires for wrapping and scrutinizing its key details which you can bear in mind while purchasing. So keep on reading, you will acquire an indispensable sense about wires that will suit your prime demand.  

2 Different Ways to Wrap Stones

There are tons of simple wire wrapping techniques but here I have mentioned 2 different ways of wire wrapping for beginners where you can wrap stones with relative ease.

1. Wrap Stones through Making a Loop

At first, you need tools like a tiny stone and 3 pieces of wire, and a half-round thin wire for coiling. The wires should be soft enough so that you can easily create a hole with them.

Now, hold all the three long pieces of wires tightly from the middle portion and take one end of a half-rounded wire from the wheel and then start wrapping it multiple times around them. Use tweezers to cut the extra end.

After that, take your little stone and bend the wires around the stone simultaneously. After going back and forth you will be able to create a loop-hole that is slightly bigger than the size of the stone.

Use your thin wire for folding around the wires several times where they meet up and create a hole. With the help of the pliers cut both ends and tighten the wires by pressing them a little bit.

Lastly, trimming them beautifully and adjust your stone to the hole by trapping it from the back so that it won’t fall out of the hole.

Do the same bend with front wires as well to get trapped and to give it a nice look. Thus you can make a small-sized pendant with a tiny stone.

2. Wrap Stones by Creating Spiral Cage

To start, make a loop that looks exactly like a snail. And for making that loop takes one end of the wire from the wheel and bend it slightly.

Now you have to hold that loop and twist the loop with the help of pliers multiple times to give a round snail shape. Now cut the wire from the wheel and repeat the same process with the other end. Here you have to create a spiral shape from the opposite dimension.

Bring the two coiling shapes which pointing at each other. Drag the first tight coil amidst both the spirals through the tweezer.

After that, glide your tiny stone into the whole spiral. Trap the stone by bringing the two ends of the spirals. Use the tweezer to set the coiled wires in a proper position. 

Lastly. create a loop by pushing the coil from one end of the spiral. Thus your stone is trapped in the cage and this is how you can use wire to wrap stones to make a small pendant.

10 Best Gauge Wire for Wrapping Stones Reviews in 2021

1. Paxcoo 3 Pack Jewelry Wire Craft Wire 18 Gauge

If you observe closely you will see most of the wires for ornaments do not have so many scopes due to fewer color choices. But when you choose the Paxcoo brand it will give you 3 different shades of jewelry wire wheels to pick the one that matches your preferences.

Each wheel having a length of 15 feet (4.5 m) and 18 gauge (1 mm) in diameter which makes them light in weight. You can easily carry them in bulk amounts and use them according to your need.

They have extremely soft finishing, you can mold and make jewelry designs with beads easily. If you want to go for flowery or hair accessories, then this product will be a good option for you surely.  

Moreover, such copper-coated jewelry wires are blemish-proof in nature. It holds the solid color of your ornament crafting projects and makes them look more beautiful and long-lasting.

The most attractive point in this product is that you can be a lot creative when you use this sort of product for making multiple jewelry projects like making bracelets, hair clips, earpieces, rings, and so on.

Highlighted Features:

  • Provide three diverse colors
  • Give a glossy texture
  • Rich in quality
  • Well-suited for sensitive elements
  • No chance of getting shredded

2. Copper Wire for Jewelry Making 26 Gauge

It is hard to find artistic gauge wires with longer diameters. But here manufacturer like Petutu offers wrapping threads of 26 gauge which is about 0.4mm in diameter.

This product is versatile with superior quality. Each package contains 2 sets having 5 amazing colors in 5 rolls. You can mix shades from antique bronze, black, gold to bright silver, rose gold. You will enjoy a lot of opportunities in your hand while making jewelry based on your need.

Fortunately, this product is very adaptable. You can bend the wire with less effort and it won’t split up at all at the end of your crafting.

The specialty of the product is that every wheel has high ductility strength. To make specific ornaments you often need to change the shape of the threads without rupturing and it is only possible when you have such copper finished jewelry wire rolls in your checklist.

Apart from all the advantages, these sorts of wires have a little drawback. You cannot use them as an alternative for making jewelry such as bracelets made from steel finish. But you can simply ignore this downside and appreciate their supremacy in your accessories-making journey.   

Highlighted Features:

  • Can be used for home repairment purpose
  • Each wheel contains 10 yards
  • Can utilize in waist and cell phone chains
  • Whole package worth the money
  • Have the ability to last long

3. Paxcoo 6 Pack Jewelry Beading Wire (24 gauge)

Both experts and learners sometimes look for widely used silver wire for making a variety of jewelry crafts, Paxcoo store is more suitable for them than any other manufacturers. This provides 2 silver along with 4 contrasting color wire rolls to make their journey way more easier and colorful.  

Apart from its colorful band wheels, it is an ideal choice for you because it has an insignificant size of 0.5mm (24 gauge) in diameter and each spin is having 11 yards (10 m) area. It also supplies divergent shades including coffee tinted wire, through which you can get more chances for ornaments making projects.

You can make tiny jewelry items such as spring rings due to their fragile nature. It will be easy for you to wrap up little ornaments with such sort of wires rather than those weighty jewelry pieces.

The amazing part of this product is that it is extremely durable. If you want to change the shape of the threads by applying external pressure it will still hold its strength and will serve your ornament crafting trip effectively.

Furthermore, such a kind of gauge has rich elasticity, you can add beads to your shapes without so much of your thoughts and those beads easily stick in that place. So I will highly recommend you to go for this product because of its multi-functional characteristics.  

Highlighted Features:

  • Very convenient and malleable
  • Provide aesthetic shades of wires
  • Comes with friendly-budget
  • Easy to carry
  • Used as giftable jewelry materials

4. Artistic Wire 18-Gauge Tarnish Resistant Silver Wire (20-Feet)

To make your jewelry-making journey more fascinating you can go for those copper wires for wrapping which are coated by silver. Silver plating will help you to avoid corrosions or high loads on the wires and improve the smoothness of the threads.

Beadalon Artistic Wire provides 18 gauge (20 feet) silver threads for your heavy projects. You can make amazing stuff from chainmail lockets, earpieces to chains with beaded stones, spring rings, and so on. You will have 4 silver-plated wrapping wires which can be used as the bases in your ornaments making craftings.

This sort of item is very malleable, you can alter its shape according to your desire and what type of ornaments you are willing to make. It’s easy to work with such soft silver plated wire. If you want to wrap stones in your jewelry crafts then this product would be the best gauge wire for wrapping stones.

It is also very known for its blemish resistance capacity. Such wires also withstand other problems, for instance, cracking, blistering, etc.

Due to permanent enamel paint on the silver wires, the manufacturer ensures to hold the shiny color of the wires and make them blemish-proof. You can easily twist, coiled, wrap, make a spiral for making various designs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Very affordable and everlasting
  • Compact and super convenient
  • Comes in 4 sterling silver wire rolls
  • Easy to manage and supreme in quality
  • Tempered and offer high elasticity

5. BENECREAT 24-Gauge Tarnish Resistant Silver Coil Wire

It is one of the most multi-dimensional wrapping wires so far. Suitable for both professional and starters to weave their jewelry crafts regularly. This product wins the highest stars from customers and best seller items than any other brand.

You will get numerous colors along with various sizes of wire rolls from the Benecreat brand. But here I will strongly suggest you go for a silver color thread wheel of 24 gauge. The width is 0.5mm (0.02inch) and the size is about 30m long (98-Feet/33-Yard).

This product is varnished eternally by both silver and enamel color to combat discoloration. As a result, your finished crafts last long through retaining their quality and strength and not allowing them to dim over time.

It also has the ability to temper for which reason you can shape your accessories, also, you can make various pieces of jewelry starting from making pendants, jump rings, to multi-colored beaded chains, chain mail, and many more designs.

This item comes with brand new packaging. The latest one is more colorful and more informative compare to the former one. Benecreat transports both types of packaging inconstantly.

Apart from that, You can coil those wires effortlessly by maintaining their rich quality and can make non-tarnished and pretty accessories and present them as a gift to your favorite ones, whenever you want.

Highlighted Features:

  • The superior choice for beginners
  • Capacity to retain its color strength
  • Provide scope to contrast with sizes and shades
  • Improved packaging style
  • Can operate easily

6. EuTengHao 6 Pack Jewelry Copper Craft Wire (6 Colors, 24 Gauge)

If you are a beginner and willing to start your jewelry-making projects then this set is a prominent choice for them. You will find 6 divergent tones of copper wires. It’s an interesting ornament crafting item for kids as well.

EutengHao offers various eminent shades of wires for wrapping your jewelry. You will have more space to contrast every color with the next one. Thus you can make a huge range of accessories of different tints and designs based on your preferences.

This set provides cost-effective and thin threads. You can do your detailed work such as aesthetic composition for neckpieces with such kinds of wires.

Besides, the EutengHao jewelry wrapping wire package comes with an interesting offer. Along with diverse colors, it also provides one sturdy thread tweezer for cutting extra wire from the end. It is very convenient and suitable for small designs.

This brand also has a money return policy. If you are not satisfied with their product you will get the chance of letting them know about the issues within 30 calendar days of order and They will give you full consolation.

In addition to that, they will give you their special discount and you will able to rescue 5% of your budget if you buy this set more than one time from this store.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ametuers first choice
  • Offer a wide variety of colors
  • Can able to mold the threads easily
  • Item mass: 5.6 ounces
  • Provide an efficient wire scissor

7. ABBECIAO 10 Pack Jewelry Beading Wire Copper Wire (10 Colors, 26 Gauge)

Abbeciao is one the best wire for wire wrapping you have ever get. The set contains 10 rolls with 10 various colors from deep to light hues are on the top-notch. You will get favorable circumstances to hone your creativity using such sort of wires.

Every color is shimmering in nature, which helps you to make beautiful jewelry. They are too delicate, you can easily mold them into your desired shape by retaining their quality strength.

This set is widely used and the most favorite item among almost all customers. You can use this variety of color wires for making attractive stone pendants. You can also able to decorate your home by making alluring artwork using such pretty threads which bring a fine look to your finished design.

To feed your fashion sense like doing some nail art, this kind of set is crucial. You can use those colorful wires to fix crystals on your nails and make an appealing art design on your nail effortlessly. That’s the beauty of this sort of wrapping thread.

This item shows everlasting behavior. It has less issue of shedding which might be less annoying and a very good side of the wires. It also provides you high flexibility, you can practice various wrapping techniques with it easily, and can able to bring your supreme ideas.

Highlighted Features:

  • Per wheel has an overall length of 11 yards
  • Low possibilities of flaking
  • High caliber
  • 10 amazing color choices
  • Material: copper metal

8. BENECREAT 12 17 18 Gauge Aluminum Wire (18 Gauge, 492 FT)

For making outstanding accessories with flowery shades wrapping wires I think Benecreat would be the perfect option. This multi-dimensional package will offer you various color wires with multiple size ranges. So you can choose your desired amount of shades based on your need.

Such metal wires are covered with the help of aluminum to make them more durable and provide a corrosion-resistant finish. This will provide you rich flexibility because of its premium composition.

If you are interested in doing groundskeeping work easily, I will highly suggest you choose threads from Benecreat for cultivation. These wires are extremely sturdy and help you to grow your aerophytes by holding them in a straight manner without any form of discoloration.

Aside from making accessories, decorating, crafting, beading, you can also indulge your productivity in carving design with the support of these threads. These wires have colorful quality as well as a variety of size choices, to make your artwork look more fruitful and appealing.

If you want to start a small venture of making face masks, then it’s strongly recommended, to go for this product. Such wires have enough amount in their length, are very cozy, and easy to curve. So it’s going to be a lot easier for you to make the bulk quantity of face masks using these threads.

Highlighted Features:

  • Silver color size: 150 m long (492 feet)
  • 11 eye-pleasing color wires
  • Can do X-mas craftings as well
  • Provide elegant packing for security
  • Wires are electroplated to give the non-varnish

9. PandaHall 10 Rolls of Aluminum Wire 9 Gauge

To look for cost-effectiveness along with a high-depth brand for wrapping wires, I think PandaHall is a great choice. You will get 10 fantastic vibrant color threads in each packet.

They are very satisfying while working. The product also comes with shiny vibrant color wires having a diameter of 3mm (9 gauge), which is not like other brands. The sturdy nature of threads makes them more effective in making jewelry items.

You should use rubber tweezers or soft jaw tweezers. So that it won’t harm the external surface of these wires during the ornament-making process.

You can also do various art projects using such fine wires besides crafting, beading. It a perfect option for both amateur or pro artists. They will find this product very handy in their working voyage.

Since each bag offers an extended range of shiny threads, you will have more chances to mix and match those color wires that are going to align with your desired beads or crystals, so that your finished work will look prettier and eye-catchy.

Highlighted Features:

  • Wires are coated with harmless aluminum
  • Non-allergic
  • Can be used in making flower bouquets
  • High in standard
  • Wires are colorful and appealing

10. Anezus Craft Wire Tarnish Resistant Copper Beading Wire (18 Gauge, Copper)

This is one of a kind wire which is made from copper material and coated with copper plating as well, to keep it safe from tarnishing. Anezus dispense an excellent wire coil for making lavish jewelry items that can easily hold its shape and strong beads at the same time.

The extensive length of the wire gives you huge room to become more artistic. It has 55 feet (17m) in size and 18 gauge in depth. People also use french wire as beading wire for jewelry craftwork. 

Such kind of beading thread is the customer’s first choice. You can stretch and configure it the way you want. As it is rich in elasticity and well-built material simultaneously.

You have the opportunities to twist it and make different unique projects such as making flower garlands using this item. You can also decorate your room with wall hangings or tapestry. It doesn’t require any hard tweezers to manipulate. It is ductile enough and you can deform its shape by hand too.

Moreover, you can utilize this wire for your heavy twisted designs also. Initiating from making bracelets, spring rings to flower hangings, headbands are also a part of your creative journey with such copper wire.

Highlighted Features:

  • Copper coating to resist discoloration
  • The total mass of 4.8 ounces
  • Long-lasting because of copper
  • Provide copper plating for extra robustness
  • Very accessible for customers

Things to Consider Before Buying

There are various things you need to hold up in your mind when you go for the best gauge wire for wrapping stones for the first time.

This buying guide will make your task trouble-free, delightful and give you much stronger experiences before buying. Here you go:

1. Wires Length

To get the finest option it is necessary to have the detail and complete measurement of your creations. If you want to make small jewelry work it will be difficult for you to order your desired products daily. So going for larger size wires will be suitable and convenient for customers.

However, If you are a DIY starter and looking for a gauge for daily practicing then a smaller kind of wire wrapping should be your great option. It has high portability.

Thus, it is necessary to seek out wires having accurate lengths and make sure, you should not waste your money by buying extra-length wires for no reason.

2. Wires Flexibility

To make voluminous stylish jewelry, the ductility of wires is significant. If your wire is malleable enough you can easily increase the volume in your design.

For this, your wire should be linear in appearance through which you can add desirable curves to uncover the elegancy of your final work.

Therefore, I will strongly suggest you purchase wires which have intense flexibility and durability. It will add extra value to your design.

3. Combat Tarnish or Discoloration

You should go for the wires which colors do not deteriorate easily. The wire should have the capacity to resist any blemishes.

If you have wires full of tarnishes, it will leave a dull look on your design. Whenever you want to purchase wires, you should read the leaflets carefully and look for those wires that are free from tarnishes.

Rust-free wires hold the shimmering effect and make your work more appealing. Moreover, these threads have much higher durability.

4. Packaging

It is an important factor for both customers and the product itself. Before buying, do check for those products having good qualities as well as provide customer-friendly packaging.

Sometimes it is needful to see the gauge wire’s appearance from outside without touching it. So to have that glance, the user-friendly covering is all we need.

There is some sort of brand supply products in inconvenient packets. It is difficult to carry those products. So, it is highly commendable to find out the wires which are packed in a plastic wrapper. These are portable enough, cause less trouble, and can able to protect the wires easily.  

5. Color of Wires

When you think about wrapping wires, choosing the right color combination is an important parameter. Lustrous color wires are the perfect option for making aesthetic jewelry design.

For flowery artwork, more vibrant shades are preferable choices. It adds more glam and gives an appealing touch at the end. Ergo, selecting the right color wires with supreme quality is essential.

How to Wire Wrap Small Stones – 4 Easy Ways

There are 4 easy ways by which you can wrap tiny stones without so much hassle and overcome your unnerving fear easily.

  • Way-01: Utilizing Tiny Stones Having Small Holes

It is difficult for craft enthusiasts to wrap tiny stones without worries. To fold small stones it is necessary to look for hollows in the stone.

If you find small holes in it, you will win the rest of the task for sure. Here, you just have to adhere the wires to that hole. It will be easy for you to wrap small stones by only adhering the wires to that holes.

  • Way-02: Looking for Accurate Type of Jewelry Wire

Choosing the correct wire is crucial for wrapping small stones. Square wire or bail is the perfect option to dominate tiny stones accurately.

The half-round wire is another useful type of wire, as it is used as the binding wire. You can twist the wire around the bundle of wires to hold those wires perfectly.

The twisted wire has supreme control over tiny stones. Ergo, it is important to know the kind of jewelry wires that can hold up these little stones and make the crafting journey more enjoyable.

  • Way-03: Having Precise Jewelry Gauge

You need to find out the precise jewelry gauge. For small stones, from 20- 22-gauge wire is the definite range so far. You can have the highest amount of grip to hold such tiny stones easily with these types of gauges.

  • Way-04: Having the Right Stone

You will find tons of difficulties while wrapping smooth and soft stones. It is very hard to grip tiny stones with soft wires.

As an alternative, to have more grip on small stones, seek out those products having rough edges. It will be easier for you to grab those tiny stones without much of your effort and you can wrap them easily according to your needs.

Jewelry Wire Gauge Chart Sizes

The wire gauge is known as the size or diameter of a wire. The lower the gauge number, the greater the wire. A smaller gauge wire is the thicker wire compare to the higher number gauge. These gauges of wire show a perfect symmetry between durability and plasticity.

ProductGauge Number/ThicknessWire Size
PH PandaHall    9 Gauge or 3mm16 Feet
Anezus18 Gauge or 1 mm  55 Feet
Benecreat18 Gauge or 1mm  492 Feet
Artistic Wire18 Gauge or 1mm  20 Feet
Jewelry Wire Gauge Chart Sizes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you still confuse and scrutinizing more about gauge wires deeply then we are here to answers some of those relevant questions to make your job easier regarding choosing fine wires for folding stones.

1. What gauge wire should I use for wire wrapping jewelry?

Answer: There are tons of gauge wires available in the market for making accessory crafts or wrapping crystals or stones. The perfect option in this regard should be the wires that are convenient, long-lasting, and malleable for customers.

2. What is the way of improving the flexibility of gauge wire?

Answer: I think tempering is the most typical procedure for strengthening the ductility of wires. This process makes the wire more bendable and minimizes the brittleness and thus it improves wire toughening abilities.

3. Are wrapping wires extravagant?

Answer: For making beautiful crafts or accessories, the price of the wires should be in consideration. Some wires are costly but low in quality, on the other hand, you will find some products which are affordable and provide high-quality wires at the same time. So you should always consider your budget and quality before buying any product.

4. How does coating help improve gauge wires?

Answer: Electroplating is an important factor for improving product longevity. Through coating, you can protect the wires from blemishes or stains. Due to this, wires can able to retain their color, hard to fade, and keep their shimmering effects throughout their life span.

5. What is the best gauge wire to make earrings?

Answer: For the best gauge wire for earrings either you can use 22-gauge sterling silver hard-wire or you can go for the 20-gauge soft wire but you need to exert external pressure for hardening the soft wire to get the rigid finished work at the end.

Final Words

Sometimes it is overwhelming when you have to pick the best gauge wire for wrapping stones among several options because looking for the model having the right solidity of wires is a bit complicated to make your ornamenting craftwork more engaging.

However, by keeping your keen eye on the parameters raising above regarding gauge wires for wrapping stones you won’t land up unsatisfactory purchases later on for sure. Your journey of making fascinating jewelry crafts will be more delightful than ever.

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