Top 8 Best Scissors for Applique – For Perfect Execution

Applique is a form of needlework by both hand and machine that allows you to make beautiful fabric patterns. As you are well aware, details are vital for immaculate stitching. Uneven and irregular edges are not preventable while sewing an applique on the textile.

However, a textured and crooked outline can call for the attention of additional tools. In fact, as a professional, your topmost priority is guaranteeing accuracy and precision without contributing to human error.

And for that, you require the best scissors for applique designs to ensure reliability and efficiency. On top of that, to express the artistic and creative approach of the designer thoroughly, an exclusive and custom-built applique scissor is crucial.

The 8 Best Applique Scissors Reviews

Under any circumstances, it is obligatory to implement perfect execution while shaping an applique pattern. As a matter of fact, finding a tried and trusted scissor for framing or trimming a design is a challenging task. And for this reason, this article brings forth a few exclusive options for your convenience.

1. Gingher Inc, Silver

What’s the point of purchasing applique scissors that do not provide you with enough control? As it happens, you cannot fabricate an applique without ragged and rough edges in the absence of stability. In particular, this duckbill scissor incorporates blades with the paddle’s shape that trims near to the stitches.

Apart from applique needlework, this specific scissor works exceptionally well during embroidery and carpet making. Moreover, the inclusion of a superior-quality steel framework warrants high strength and durability. On a related note, the manufacturer encompasses an age-old technique in configuring the scissor.

Above all, the blade attached to the scissor comes with the coating of not one but two plating elements, i.e., nickel and chromium. As a result, you will attain an improved structure that ensures resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

Besides, keeping the appearance and longevity aspect in mind, the scissors operate remarkably.

In installing the screws and points, the makers made sure to add adequate flexibility and tension for the proper functionality of the blades. Additionally, this cutting equipment in question includes an offset handle that provides you with improved alignment and scissor positioning.

Furthermore, this premium-quality product guarantees you utter convenience and user-friendliness through exceptional features. The most prominent feature is the dual-looped handle factor that provides versatility and ease for both left and right-handed users.

Highlighted Features

  • Dual plating with nickel and chromium metal
  • Blades come with a paddle design
  • The offset handle provides ease and comfort
  • Steel framework guarantees durability and reliability
  • Ensures precise cutting that promotes trimming adjacent to stitches

2. Karen Kay Buckley 6-Inch Perfect Scissors, Blue

As a textile artist, all of you may have certain standards set for the scissors needed for applique works. Chiefly, considering so many options, finding a versatile tool that is well suited for all criteria is quite hard.

In fact, starting from the lightweight aspect to all the features, this product provides meticulous comfort and usefulness.

If anything, the 2.4-ounces light scissor cuts through your fabric like butter. Each stroke will result in a careful and detailed incision in your material. Above anything else, the cutting technique holds great importance regarding applique design.

And for this reason, the tool allows you to penetrate through 4 to 6 layers of thick cotton material at once. For greater precision and accuracy, the blades of the scissor have dents in their structure. These dents are better known as serrated or toothed blades.

This blade’s most distinctive attribute is its user-oriented technique that allows for control cuts around the edges or stitches, preventing unevenness. Most importantly, the material you are working on will remain in position and avoid slippage due to the saw-like notches queued in the edges.

Without convenient handles, a scissor is useless. Consequently, this product provides cushioned-handles that deliver the user with ease and satisfaction. Concerning the size of the scissor, its 6-inch length is comfortable to handle. And the additional plastic cover protects the framework of the tool.

Highlighted Features

  • Incorporates a lightweight composition
  • Comfortable 6-inch size
  • Toothed-blade resists slipping
  • Cuts through the thick cotton material
  • Prevents uneven edges on applique

3. 6 Inch Stainless Steel Embroidery and Applique Duckbill Scissors

Who does not want a pair of scissors for applique design and embroideries instead of one conventional option? Both the duckbill and embroidery scissors work exceptionally well on fabric. Regarding the duckbill scissor, the specialty keeps the upper and lower layers isolated from each other.

As a result, you can control the cuts around the edges with utmost accuracy. Subsequently, this pair of best applique scissors has a length of 6-inches. In consideration of the intricacy of appliques, this size is without a doubt the most suitable length.

On the other hand, the duckbill scissor blade incorporates a paddle-shaped formation. The reason behind this curve is for you to cut in the immediate vicinity of your stitches. More significantly, this feature gives you the liberty to avoid sharp and asymmetrical snipping.

Predominantly, the handles of any tool determine the ability to twist and turn according to your limit. And for that, this equipment comprises of offset handle. The handle reduces stress and allows you to position your arm at an angle that prevents cramping and promotes long-time usage.

Moreover, the scissor’s construction material contains stainless steel, which assures rust and impact resistance. Similarly, the razor-sharp blades incorporate chrome coatings that further add to the durability aspect. The scissor also bends on both sides resulting in increased convenience.

Highlighted Features

  • Involves water-resistant stainless steel in the structure
  • Paddle-shaped blades promote precise cuts and control
  • Offset handle ensures convenience and comfort
  • Chrome-plated for hardness and long-lasting capacity
  • A suitable length of 6-inches

4. OLFA Precision Smooth Edge Scissors

Crafting is an art form. And with the rise of the fashion industry, some needlework is worth more than ever. Applique sewing is one of the leading designs used in textile.

Therefore, to warrant your stitches remain intact and follow through a smooth and accurate objective devoid of rough edges, you require a scissor.

Primarily, this tool in specific permits the user to cut through fine threads and stitches, various types of fabric, including silk and cotton, and lastly, paper. Moreover, the construction material is top-of-the-line stainless steel that supplies elevated resistance to corrosion and atmospheric weather.

As there is no compromise on the scissor’s long-lasting ability, the production company further includes an ergonomic grip-handle, which alleviates stress and cramping on the hand. The material used in fabricating the handles is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), a type of plastic.

In fact, ABS contributes to the tensile strength factor of the scissor. Also, ABS offers high impact resistance. Subsequently, the large chambers in the handle authorize you to insert three fingers at once for more comfort and ease. The aligned handle enables convenience for left and right-handed users.

Apparently, the blades stretch out towards the handle, which secures steadiness and distributes the force while working uniformly. Even more so, the fixed stainless steel rivet upon the sharp-edged blades will not come off under an increased unit of pressure.

Highlighted Features

  • Encompasses ABS handles for ease
  • Smoothly pierces several types of material
  • Promotes corrosion and impact resistance
  • Large and proportional handle holes
  • Exhibits control and stability

5. Wonderful Scissors by Emma Oliver

If you are familiar with an all-purpose scissor that is not only applicable for applique patterns but also relevant to quilting, sewing, and embroidery, then you are in luck. In truth, this option bestows you with versatility and ergonomic features incomparable to any other product.

Fundamentally, cracking is not an option with respect to these scissors. The flexible and malleable plastic handle lets you work efficiently and effectively. On another note, the handles’ ergonomic design assures you with reduced stress and strain on your wrist.

With the arrangement of large double-looped handles, you can accommodate your hand more comfortably. Moreover, this cutting tool gives you the opportunity to utilize both of your hands if necessary. The scissors come in three sizes, including 4-inch, 6-inch, and 7-inch.

As a result, you will have a range of options available to you in case of length. This feature permits you to choose a size appropriate for your hand on account of a user-friendly approach. Above all, for detailed cutting and precise snips, the blade’s edge consists of micro teeth or dents.

A serrated blade holds on to the textile material and prevents it from sliding during the action. It also lets you track your stitches with maximum balance. If anything, the scissor makes sure of intricate applique on your cloth with an added benefit of stylish appearance regarding the tool.

Highlighted Features

  • Range of length to choose from
  • Micro-dents attached to the blade’s edge
  • Ergonomic grip holes on the handles
  • Flexible plastic handle avoids wrist strain
  • Allows the usage of both hands

6. Fiskars 98087097J Curved Craft Scissors

Arguably, there is nothing as satisfying as clipping the unwanted threads and stitches of an applique design.

However small the irregularity is in the fabric, there is no denying that it takes away the aesthetic aspect of your shape and pattern. In any event, to avoid these mistakes, you must purchase a fitting scissor.

The blade is the most critical part of a scissor. Quite simply, without the sharp edges, there exists no cutting tool.

Regarding this particular option, it incorporates stainless steel as the overall material for the blades’ framework. Industrial-strength stainless steel stands firm against impact and moisture damage.

On a different note, combined with high strength, the tool’s sharpness is also a significant characteristic for the users—the slight curve on the blade’s tip grants you to execute extra-fine and precise trimming.

Over and above that, the small, razor-sharp, and pointy end of the blade accounts for minimal human error. This phenomenon occurs because you can easily snip through loose stitches on hard-to-reach areas without sabotaging the textile material or the applique work.

Subsequently, the scissor’s size is 3.9-inch, which amounts to a significantly lightweight and compact structure. Moreover, the substantial grip holes on the handle fit in well with the left and right-handed user. Also, this feature further provides comfort and convenience.

Highlighted Features

  • The tips of the blade are curved
  • Sharp-edged pointy end cuts close to the stitching
  • Includes stainless steel material all over the blade
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Grip loops allow the usage of left and right hands

7. Tula Pink Duckbill Applique

The art of applique goes a long way back in history. It is a fashion statement, which originated in the medieval times of Egypt. Even now, this ornamental design prevails in the present-day apparel and trend. If anything, the survival of applique goes beyond the tides of time.

Concerning this durable option in hand, rest assured, you would only find beneficial outcomes in regards to shaping a pattern. For all intent and purposes, preciseness and control while wielding a scissor on your hand are highly important.

And for this reason, this duckbill tool integrates cutting-edge technology that recognizes the significance of control. Most scissors are susceptible to slippage; however, to curb this issue, the creators installed micro-serrations fixed on the blade’s edges for higher precision and accuracy.

These small dents also exhibit increased control while cutting protruding threads or snipping in close proximity to the applique design. Another feature of duckbill scissors that stands out the most is the paddle-shaped or curved blades. This feature adds to the protective aspect of the fabric and its shape.

Aside from forging clean and accurate cuts, this scissor also has a benefit concerning the length. As it happens, the size is about 4-inches, which is perfect for detailed work and small hands. Besides, the lustrous rainbow sheen of the cutting tool’s appearance is a plus in case of aesthetic advantages.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to reach tight spots
  • Compact and user-friendly 4-inch length
  • Installs micro-serration in the blade
  • Curved blades protect the textile
  • Features long-lasting capability

8. kai V5135P V5000 Edition Multi-Purpose Scissors

For anyone who is into quilting and sewing with a soft spot for applique designs knows that their best friend is a scissor of a high standard. Applique scissors are not just for evening out the rough edges. In reality, this cutting tool comes incredibly handy when trimming, grading, or cutting through seams.

In deliberation of this particular option, the soft and pliable handle delivers a power grip. Health and safety is always the prime concern for the manufacturers and users. Long hours of applique or embroidery work can cause severe damage to the wrist by putting stress and increasing tension.

And for that, the soft-touch grip of the scissor avoids any strain on your hand. On the other hand, the inclusion of industrial-grade stainless steel in the cutting tool’s building material focuses on the strength and durability and enhances these components for better performance.

The sharpened and polished tip of this option comes from the construction material, and this permits the user to clear-cut that is inch-perfect. For the most part, the sleek and shiny stainless steel is all over the blades’ framework except the handle.

While using an applique scissor, it is quite essential to protect the tool from atmospheric conditions or impact damage. Hence, the producers provide additional cover for the scissor. It turns out; the size of the applique tool is only 5.5-inches.

Highlighted Features

  • Contains an ergonomic and cushioned handle
  • Stainless steel resists water and heat damage
  • Secures durability and stability
  • Includes a cover for blade protection
  • The length is 5.5-inc

Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Scissors for Applique

Best duckbill scissors

What is the centerpiece of your workplace? If you consider applique design to be your forte, then the most influential tool in your table is a duckbill or an applique scissor. More and more artists are becoming aware of the secret behind precise applique shapes and patterns; details are the primary facet.

In the first place, after deciding to buy a unique yet sturdy cutting tool, you need to determine the features that operate best in accordance with your preference and conditions. Mainly, if you turn a blind eye and purchase whatever comes in hand, then you may find yourself in a difficult situation.

So, without any more delay, let us look through the features that put your trust and faith in the driver’s seat.

Purchasing the Appropriate Tool

There are many scissors available in the market. In fact, starting from shears to scissors, there is a range of options with different length, weight, sharpness, blade, handle, and construction material. However, very few options give you the liberty to cut through the intricate detail of an applique.

Some cutting tools are for slicing through cardboards and paper, while others are applicable for dressmaking and seam grading. In the case of applique works, you require a product that has a sharp tip. The razor-sharpness allows you to get rid of loose threads and fabric precisely.

An applique scissor rarely grants the user to utilize the blades on other heavy-duty objects as this can permanently damage the framework. As a result, you will retain the sharpness and flexibility of the tool for much longer.

Construction Material

As it happens, there is no alternative to stainless steel. Forging iron with carbon provides excellent strength, and this brings forth the formation of industrial-grade stainless steel. Regarding stainless steel’s ability to withstand harsh conditions, user disappointment is a far-fetched notion.

The pristine and clean appearance of steel is not the only advantage. In addition, stainless steel supplies resistance to moisture damage, heat and fire damage, and impact damage. Most importantly, the framework of steel is effortlessly welded with higher strength and durability.

Furthermore, the double-plating approach of manufacturers is providing superior functionality. In fact, chrome coating enhances corrosion resistance and increases the strength and hardness of a structure. Chrome-plated scissors are easier to clean.

Similarly, nickel-plating ensures as much strength and robustness as chrome plating.

Ergonomic Handle

On the subject of applique scissors, the benefits do not end with the blades. As a matter of fact, the handle determines the comfort level you are going to have. In the event of an offset handle, which maintains an uneven length of the blades, you will achieve improved alignment and position of your wrist and arm.

So, if you fear suffering from wrist pain, then keep an eye out for offset handles. A large double-looped handle will authorize you to use both the left and right hand. This feature also permits you to slide more fingers through the gap for better grip and control.

Blades Design

While most of you may assume that a sharp-edged blade is all you need to cut through the loose ends intricately, however, you’re dead mistaken. One crucial element of the cutter is that it must contain micro-serration or small teeth-like dents lined across the scissors’ edge.

As a result, you will have full control and stability when it comes to making accurate snips. On top of that, a paddle-shaped or curved blade typically found in duckbill scissors protects the fabric from undesirable lacerations.

Subsequently, this feature grants you to trim or snip through layers of textile effortlessly.

Size of the Scissor

A small cutting tool is more reliable while trimming through the edges that are hard to reach. However, compact-sized equipment is more suitable for people with smaller hands.

In contrast, large applique scissors are heavy and can strain the wrists, preventing you from working longer. Nevertheless, if you are a bigger folk, then you can enjoy the benefits of a bigger scissor.

Types of Applique Scissors

Applique Scissors play a crucial role in ensuring neat and accurate cuts. With various types of applique scissors available on the market, it can be overwhelming to determine which ones are best suited for your needs explore different types of applique scissors, their unique features, and how they can enhance your applique skills is a good technique before buying.

  • Tailor’s scissors
  • Dressmaker’s shears
  • Pinking shears
  • Industrial scissors
  • Buttonhole scissors
  • Embroidery scissors
  • Crafting scissors

How to Use Applique Scissors?

How to Use Applique Scissors

Regarding a duckbill scissor, the curved part is a safety precaution if you cut the fabric after placing the textile over the applique and aligning it with the stitches. Then, utilize your scissors to snip close to the pattern while pulling the cloth away as your trim.

The paddled-shape blade ushers the bottom layer away from the top layer for accurate trimming. Cut in a circular motion or trim according to the shape you have, you will notice that you have greater control. Then, you can secure your fabric to the embroidery machine and let it stitch the applique into the material.

After completing the steps above, you will observe several loose threads and stitches accumulating around the stitches’ edges while embroidering. Make use of the applique scissor and cut the loose ends for a more visually pleasing result.

This video from Inspired to Sew will guide you on how to use it and hold applique scissors correctly!

Final Word

An applique scissor is a quintessential tool in the daily life of a sewist. A lot of you may still use a traditional cutting tool instead of a duckbill scissor. As a result, you come across irreversible mistakes and errors.

This article calls forth the reviews of the best scissors for applique available for you. Assisting you in attaining tools that improve your work experience is the ultimate goal.

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