Top 6 Best Scrapbook Kits – Reviews and Buying Guide in 2024

If you’re going to start scrapbooking, it means you’re looking to store your favorite memories in a single place. And to achieve that, scrapbook kits can be a great help! I’m sure you’ve visited the kits available in the market.

Do you know what’s the best one for you? If not, then this article will help you to find the best scrapbook kits.

Scrapbooks are mostly DIY projects. These kits have the necessary tools and accessories to create beautiful and creative formats for your scrapbook.

Our 6 Best Scrapbook Kits Review

In this review section, I’ve listed 8 scrapbook kits as a recommendation and gave a short review for each of them. Keep on reading to know which one will suit your needs better.

1. INNOCHEER Scrapbook Classic Photo Album Storage Box

The first one on this list is from the brand Innocheer. It’s a classic one with a popular style and format. You’ll love the look and feel of the kit and the tools it comes with. Thankfully, it’s an affordable one too.

So, the first thing in this kit is the scrapbook itself. This scrapbook has a familiar size of 12-inch by 8-inch, and it has 40 sheets or 80 pages in it. If you want to calculate an approximate amount, then you can attach more than 160 photos to this scrapbook.

The black pages of this book are completely acid-free, so you can rest easy knowing your photos will stay secured inside.

Regarding the build quality, there’s nothing to point fingers at and especially at this price. With a hardboard cover and high-quality black pages, you will feel happy how your memories will look in it securely. Moreover, the thick craft paper doesn’t fade away easily.

The cardboard box it comes with has a classy visual to it, and it feels sturdy for a scrapbook holder. And there are accessories such as pens, tapes, and decorative strips that come with this kit. You should have enough tools and embellishments to be creative with your design.

It doesn’t include scissors that you and I need to create designs of our own. It’d have been a great addition to this excellent package.

Highlighted Features

  • A sturdy cardboard box
  • Pens, tapes, and other important accessories
  • Standard album size of 12 by 8 inches
  • It can hold over 180 photos in the 40 double-sided sheets

2. Scrapbook Photo Album 8.5 x 11 Inch, Adkwse Hardcover 80 Pages Black Scrapbook Paper

At number 2 on this list, I have the customizable scrapbook from Adkwse. I loved the thought that went behind its design. It’s quite artistic in a way with a touch of vintage inspiration. A fantastic color combination makes it a great choice for anyone.

This scrapbook, first of all, has the standard sizing of 8.5-inch by 11.5-inch dimension. And it has a total of 40 papers, and each one of them has two usable sides, making it a scrapbook of 80 pages. All of the papers are black and acid-free.

According to the size and scope of the pages, you should be able to store around 240 photos in it. As for the pages, they are bound together with a metal binder having three rings. Turning pages are easier with this design.

The convenience of adding, removing, and replacing pages is another opportunity of having metal ring binders. Here, the metal corner serves two functions. For one, it saves the page corners from getting damaged, and the other is, the design gives it a classy look.

Moreover, the quality of this book is enhanced by the cardboard cover, high-quality black pages, and the thick craft paper that doesn’t waste away easily. It also comes with a cardboard box that proves to be sturdy enough to last a long time under normal duress.

Highlighted Features

  • Double-sided scrapbook kit
  • A total number of 160+ photos can be stored
  • Elegant and classy design
  • Comes with metal corners to protect your memories
  • Metal 3-ring binder for easy addition and removal of photos

3. SICOHOME Scrapbook Kit with Many Accessories, Black Paper 80 Pages

Third in line is a scrapbook kit with lots of accessories from Sicohome. This scrapbook—you can tell by the looks of it—is specially designed for kids and according to their tastes. That’s why there are lots of colors included in the package.

The scrapbook kit doesn’t have any pre-made sorted album. Instead, it has colorful cards and sheets that you’ll have to put together with the help of paper punches and tapes. So, it’s a scrapbook that depends fully on the choice of the user. It’s a true DIY scrapbook for kids and one of the best scrapbook kits on the market.

What are the things you’re going to receive in the kit? Lots of accessories and stickers, to say the least. You’ll be getting 9 different color pens, corner stickers, word stickers, and a whole lot of other stickers to give you and your kids loads of creative ideas.

I loved the little decorative scissors they put in along with the color cards. It will allow the kid’s mind to flourish and put their love into the scrapbook. Birthday cards and welcome cards are easy to make with this kit.

Please note that this isn’t a traditional type of scrapbook where you’re getting a structured layout to just put in photographs and folders. It’s a complete package for the user to get creative.

Highlighted Features

  • A complete DIY scrapbook kit for kids and adults alike
  • Perfect for making different cards for birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions
  • Comes with dedicated color pens, sticky tapes, and other accessories such as decorative scissors
  • Offers a huge array of sticker sets

4. Scrapbook Photo Album DIY Kit, with Many Accessories, Black Paper 80 Pages

This scrapbook from Amassan is a great photo book acting as both an album and a scrapbook that can be your source of inspiration to create a beautiful collection of memories. It has all the right tools and accessories to do a great project. Take a look at what it offers.

First of all, this book comes pre-bound in metal spirals that are easy to move around, which helps greatly during the project. The album itself has the standard dimensions of 12-inch by 8-inch. I found the white ribbon to tie the book as a great addition.

The book has 40 black papers; each being double-sided, it makes a total of 80 pages. It’s estimated to hold over 80 photos in a standard layout. These black background papers are acid-free to keep your photos damage-free for the foreseeable future.

Loads of accessories in the package should make your purchase worthwhile. From postcards to scissors as well as stamps and ink pads can be found in the hardboard box. The box itself is quite classy and should make a nice addition to your table.

It’s not a complete DIY scrapbook, but who has the time to make something from scratch these days? And with the scopes it provides, there is no need to lament at that fact as you’ll get enough allowance for creativity.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in pre-bound with metal spirals
  • White tie ribbon for closing
  • 40 acid-free black papers and 80 pages
  • Scissors included for decorative designs
  • Includes beautiful hardboard box
  • Lots of accessories

5. Echo Park Paper Company CA70016 Creative Agenda Collection Scrapbooking Kit

Scrapbook number 5 on this list is from Echo Park Paper Company. This scrapbook has the ideal dimension of a traditional scrapbook and lots of scope for creativity and design. It’s on the lower end of the price range, too, compared to the other products on the list.

The album or book itself is 12-inch by 12-inch, and it’s very lightweight. Granted, it doesn’t provide a lot of space for a large collection of photos and files. But it has all the features to make it into a beautiful collection.

Having the name “Creative Agenda” on the cover does make it more of a one occasion scrapbook meaning you can only collect memories of your favorite occasions in it. The book has only 12 double-sided patterned papers, and it makes only a total of 24 pages, which is less than what we have in the list above.

You’re getting an alphabet sticker sheet and an element sticker sheet, both of which have the same dimension as the papers. The colors are assorted before packaging. So, you won’t be expecting a random set of colors, which does seem to be disappointments in some cases.

There aren’t any tapes or scissors in this kit. So, you’ll have to get your cutting tools and adhesives to cut, style, and attach your photos and files.

Highlighted Features

  • Lots of scope for creativity
  • Assorted colors in each box
  • Standard 12 by 12 design
  • Colorful in every aspect
  • 12 double-sided patterned papers
  • Two sticker sheets; one with alphabets and one with elements

6. FaCraft Scrapbook Kit for Teenage Girls (8×8″, Green)

Well, the title says it all. The last scrapbook on this list is designed towards teenage girls and their love for storing favorite memories and making wish cards for different occasions.

Which teenage girl doesn’t like to do these? There aren’t many. So, if you’re looking to buy one for you or your teenage daughter, then this is a great option.

This scrapbook is a bit small in size with a dimension of 8-inch by 8-inch. I think this size is perfect for the targeted audience. It makes it small and light enough to carry and store in small spaces. Moreover, FaCraft’s kit looks visually appealing too.

In the kit, you’ll find 15 waterproof papers, 15 patterned papers for storing your photos in the layout of your own making. Yes, there aren’t any fixed layouts. It has been left out for your DIY project. There are loads of accessories and attachments in the kit for the creative minds out there.

The album is a clamshell album, and to beautify the album, you’re getting die-cut sheets, 3D stickers, wood flowerishes, and half a dozen embellishments. Are you satisfied with these? If not, you always have the option to buy some extras.

Let the mind go where it wants as this kit doesn’t restrict your mind from wandering. But, I feel the absence of scissors and tapes in this great little kit. It’d have perfected the excellent assortment of elements it already has.

Highlighted Features

  • 8 by 8 inches album size is perfect for the target audience
  • Lots of scope for creativity
  • Waterproof papers as well as patterned papers
  • Lots of design elements and embellishments
  • Great quality at an affordable price point

Factors to Consider Before Buying Scrapbook Kits

scrapbook kits for beginners

Before you go buy your scrapbook kit, you need to know the basics that will make your purchase worthwhile. There are certain factors, such as formats, tools, embellishments, etc.

Scrapbooking Formats

You’ll find different formats when it comes to scrapbooking, and it’s necessary to decide which one is most suitable for you before you commit to buying a kit. The measurements given are in inches, so note them down as inches as you read through.

1. Traditional Scrapbooking

The first format is the traditional style. This is the most popular format people follow whenever they think of making a scrapbook.

This format features:

  • 12×12 layouts on single sheets; sizes can also be 8.5 x 11, and 9×12, etc.
  • Lots of scope for creative designs from simple to decorative and elaborate ones
  • Lots of chances available for media play

2. Pocket Scrapping

It’s also known as ‘Project Life’; named after the original form, this is one of the modern scrapbooking formats. This format utilizes plastic sheets with pockets.

The following features are the most prominent ones.

  1. There’s a variety of layout sizes; of them, the most common are,
  2. 12×12
  3. 9×12
  4. 6×8
  5. 4×4
  6. It’s quickly accessible and boasts a clear format for your storytelling.
  7. The opportunity to attach coordinated kits suited to your taste is provided.
  8. You’ll have the freedom to be creative and can keep things simple.

3. Non-Standard Formats

You can choose anything to be your scrapbook if you want it to. Many people use ready-made notebooks, handmade books, and they also create separate folders or flipbooks.

These allow two things:

  • Greater flexibility in terms of album size
  • The opportunity to customize the format to your specific occasion, for example, portable notebooks as scrapbooks for traveling or handmade albums as gifts

Your stories and events will dictate the format you choose. What do you have in mind as your stories?

Scrapbooking Essentials

If you’ve already decided on the method you want to use for your scrapbook, it’s time to get down to business and buy the necessary kit for your project. There are a few things you need to buy, such as,

  • For 12 x 12 albums, you want to have page protectors for the layouts to slip in and an album to keep them in. You’ll find the albums mostly available in two types:
  • Some albums have metal posts attached to them. You’ll stack the page protectors on them. These are known as post-bound albums.
  • 3 ring album is the other type, which is the same as any ring-bound album. You can pull these open to add or remove pages.
  • Just like the above, pocket scrapbooking needs albums and page protectors to put inside. There are a variety of pocket configurations available for each of the different album sizes.
  • When it comes to non-standard scrapbooking, you simply need to make or choose any book or any album, or a diary to attach your photos, pages.

Paper or Card

Plain cardstock or patterned scrapbook paper is the essential material here. Buy it in sheets or pads at 12 x 12 size, and cut it down for use in whichever format you prefer.

You can buy themed sets of cards designed to fit in the pockets of pocket scrapbooking albums. These make it extremely easy to create coordinated pages.

Cutting Tools

You need paper trimmers to get the cleanest straight pieces for your layouts. Make sure to buy a trimmer that’s big enough to handle the 12 x 12 albums, papers, and photos.

Don’t forget to get a couple of smaller hand scissors for different smaller trimming jobs.


These are the first thing you’ll need, but no need to get heaps of them. One good quality pen will suffice. If you want to write on the photos, then I suggest getting oil-based permanent pens that don’t get smudged on photos when you touch them.


An adhesive is a must-have tool. Among the different types of adhesives, the most useful one is the double-sided tape. It’s a quick way to stick your photos, files, and papers together.

And If you are planning to use embellishments, you’ll need more specialized adhesives because embellishments have different weights and surfaces.

One of the tapes I love is the Washi tape. It’s a simple way to brighten up the visuals of your scrapbook.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What type of adhesives should you use?

There are no right or wrong adhesives. It all depends on what type of attachments you want to make. I always suggest the double-sided tapes as they are a clean and quick way to attach photos and papers to the layout.

2. What’s a layout?

The layout is the structure you follow to attach your photos and folders to a scrapbook. Most of the DIY scrapbooks have random layouts according to the user’s needs.

3. What’s a scrapbook page?

A scrapbook page is a piece that holds your photos and folders in a layout. It’s a single unit of your scrapbook acting as a slot for your photos.

4. Why a scrapbook and not a photo album?

Because both of them have different purposes. A photo album is solely for photos, whereas a scrapbook can store photos, letters, files, and other memoirs from your work, school, etc.

5. Should you store photos in ziplock bags?

Ziplock bags can be an alternative to store your photos in a scrapbook. But these may have acidic elements in them, which may jeopardize your photos and papers in the long run.

Final Words

So, which one attracted you the most?

You should have found the one by now. All of the scrapbook kits listed here are from the best scrapbook kits you can find, and you won’t go wrong with any one of them. If expectations are met, then close your eyes and buy it.

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