Top 05 Best Yarn for Pom Poms – Reviews & Buying Guide in 2023

Pom-poms are one of the most staple craft constructions these days. Making such kind of stuff bring tranquility and joy to the mind of all age groups.

This is only possible when you have a collection of excellent quality and radiant color yarns. Without proper color range yarns, you won’t able to get the finest result at the end. That’s why you must have the amazing reservoir of pom-pom yarn on your list.

Now, you might wonder, how do you choose the best yarn for pom-poms? Well, when we are here you don’t have to be in distress about that furthermore.

In this article, we are going to review some of the finest yarn for pom-poms available in the market. Moreover, we are going to give you a comprehensive buying guide to ease your selection process a lot easier.

So don’t hesitate to keep your eyes on this page, you won’t regret it later for sure.

5 Best Yarn for Pom-poms Reviews in 2023

1. Mira Handcrafts 40 Assorted Colors Acrylic Yarn

MiraGoods is a well-known manufacturer that offers you multi-colored yarn skeins for making various small-scale projects. The composition of these threads is the pure form of acrylic in nature.

Per package contains 40 high-spirited shade skeins with 875 yards (800 m) in total where each mini yarn ball is about 22 yards long in length and 10 grams in weight.

There are 24 distinct along with 16 identical lively color yarns that will give you floors to become more productive while knitting adorable pom poms. You can make single shades pom poms as well and keep it simple yet gorgeous.

Due to its lightweight and color variations, you can use them to décor your wall with a bright color to neutral color wall hangings. Such yarn skeins are also the perfect choice to make beautiful flower accessories.

Another attractive plus point is that this product comes with a complimentary 7 e-books that instruct artisans of all ages bit by bit to fabricate amazing eye-catchy stuff like granny squares, handmade gifts, amigurumi, and so on. 

Most Importantly, acrylic materials provide the best yarn for pom-poms as they are super affordable and supreme in color contrasts.

Highlighted Features:

  • Top choice for detail works such as making tiny baby hats or blankets
  • Easily washable and long-lasting
  • Rich in quality and colors
  • Manageable and make knitting less time consuming
  • Comes with a special kit for the novice knitter

2. Craftiss 30 Unique Colors Acrylic Yarn

Craftiss is one of the most popular brands for selling synthetic acrylic fiber skeins. Let me tell you about it a bit in detail here!

Unlike other brands, the color of the yarn skeins doesn’t fade away easily whenever you wash them. It remains as it is even after you clean it several times.  

In this kit, all the 30 different yarn rolls are lively in color and offer never-ending possibilities. So you can blend and merge those strains effortlessly and make your preferred colorful pom-poms without much hassle.

Moreover, those quirky pastel thread shades are visually pleasing and very smooth on the hands as well. Provide 4mm crochet hook and 6-9 needles for crafting more efficiently.

The overall size of 30 skeins is 1300 yards long which is usually surpassing the other kits available in the market at the moment. So it is easy for you to make all sorts of hand-made crafts with such yarns.

Apart from that, this product will also provide you a beautiful reclosable basket to carry all your desired colored skeins wherever you go. Thus it seems pretty much handy from amateurs to experts.

Highlighted Features:

  • Incredible 30 amazing floral shades
  • Provide consistency and feasibility while crafting
  • Can make large pom-poms due to their large diameter
  • Weigh 20 grams, make the craft more study in structure
  • Offer transparent plastic pouch, hence make it durable  

3. TYH Supplies 20-Pack 22 Yard Acrylic Yarn

If you want to teach your enthusiastic children about crocheting vibrant pom-poms, I think  TYH Supplies will be the perfect choice for sure. It offers the finest 20 basic color yarn skeins with zero repetition and even makes your game strong with yarns undoubtedly.

This product provides yarn strands that are super soft and comes with gorgeous color textures. If you are new to your knitting journey, it will be easy for you to play with those primary colors to make your favorite tiny knitted miniatures full of passion.

These 20 synthetic yarn balls are mid to lightweight and having a total size of around 440 yards (402.3 m -1320ft) where per skein weight is only 10 grams. For knitting or crafting, you have to consider the best size yarn for pom-poms.

Due to its shortest length, you can create fascinating baby beanies, scarfs within a blink of an eye. Eventually, you will able to spend much time in multiple micro-projects with such acrylic mini yarns.   

For the good finishing of your end product, you need the right range of needles and hooks. This kind of skeins requires 5-7 size needles and G size crochet hook, which are a relatively good starter for learners. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Yarns quality will worth your money
  • Can wash them without using harsh chemicals
  • Well-made, especially for children knitting
  • Easy to carry due to small size & packaging
  • Perfect for giving as a gift.

4. 20 Acrylic Yarn Skeins – 438 Yards Multicolored Yarn

In case, you are passionate about knitting in most of your spare time, then Mira Handcrafts will provide you yarns which fabrics are composed of 100% acrylic. This product is extremely comfortable and durable. Your passion for crafting won’t go to waste in the future.

This brand is available in 20 various deep to bright shades and it will give you more space for your heavy hand-made creative crocheting and knitting works.

Apart from its charming color schemes, the most advantageous point is that you can wash it on a machine and air dry it in a normal setting. You can also clean your yarns with some fabric-friendly organic solvents. But you shouldn’t use trichloroethylene to avoid damage.

Moreover, this product also offers you a nice pamphlet with 7 different colorful e-books links in it and giving you instructions for many interesting projects.

Surprisingly, it includes an eco-friendly bio-degradable plastic clear bag for storing your knitting accessories. You can carry crochet hooks, weaving needles, and also yarn balls with you while traveling.

In contrast with other models, these multicolored yarn skeins are measured approximately 438 yards entirely and are not so thick in nature. So, you can easily pull up two beautiful baby blankets with whole yards surely.

Highlighted Features:

  • Imported quality brand and cost-effective
  • 20 fine color yarn skeins with bulky textures
  • Per skein 3 inch (7.6 cm) long and 1.5 inches (3.8) cm in diameter
  • Ideal for both initial learners and experts
  • Multiple options of cleaning and drying those yarns

5. LIHAO 12 Skeins Mini Yarn

Last on the list of our reviews is the LIHAO brand which features distinct shades and malleable consistency. You will get 12 pcs of yarns in one single package, which seems ample enough to accomplish your work fruitfully.

The fusion of these 12 shades is primitive and reviving. The materials make sure that the colors won’t get vanished and dry very quickly because of their thin strands.

The product offers limited shades, which create less confusion while creating divine projects like pom-poms, small soft toys, ornaments, and so on. You will have a lot of fun when you make them with less effort and time.

Such kinds of yarns are mainly designed for versatile micro-projects. Each yarn comes with 15g and 28 yards in dimensions. So this item is an ideal option for making baby stuff like their clothes, socks, and hats, even you can make vibrant jewelry, wall tapestry, etc. as well according to your demand.

The irony part is that you can wash them with your hands freely, dry them naturally and this product will give you a premium one-year warranty. Thus you will increase the life expectancy of your ultimate crafts without any doubt.

Highlighted Features:

  • Yarns are 100% acrylic in texture
  • Very comfy and limited color options
  • Easy to manage and mold
  • The top-notch alternative for baby products
  • Well-made for knitting, crocheting, and hand-sewing

Things to Consider Before Buying

There are several crucial things you need to bear in your mind when you go for buying yarns for making pom-poms for the first time.

This buying guide will make your task a lot easier and give you much stronger experiences before buying. Here you go:

1. Shade of Yarns

The color of yarns to make a range of beautiful pom-poms is the most prime mission for artisans of all ages. You have to choose the elite set having a sufficient quantity of yarns skeins.

Your collections should contain those primitive and unique colors for offering a wide array of knitting options. The more you have the availability of colorful yarns, the more you will able to create various magical crafts.

Don’t confine your preference within these limited colors. If you purchase a set having multi-shades yarns from lighter to deeper colors, you will able to combine them according to your desire for multiple purposes.

So it is very very important to be wise enough while choosing the correct quantity of colorful yarns to get more space for creating more beautiful knitting and crocheting stuff.

2. Yarns Weight

Selecting the right yarn weights is necessary for new knitters. The higher the weight is, the thicker the strands of yarns are.

Yarn weights completely depend on the type of project you are willing to do. For the heavier or bulkier project, you need to choose a thicker strand of yarn.

Sport, double knitting, and worsted weight yarn are the most widely used yarns among all aged knitters. Sport and double knitting thickness are much lighter and finer compared to worsted weight yarns.

If you want to make a lighter and faster design then you should choose sport or DK weight yarns, whereas, for little heavyweight blankets, sweaters, and accessories the dense or thick yarns will be the perfect option for you.

3. Yarns Set Category

This is another parameter before buying yarns for pom-poms. Purchasing the right yarn set will add an extra advantage to your knitting journey.

There is some stunning yarn set that offers many free items from different range needles or hooks to free e-books. These will help you to knit your favorite craft beautifully and perfectly.

You should buy accurate kits based on your need and demand. Some kits only offer an instruction book that showcases different types of projects to give you the basic idea of your journey.

However, there are some special kits that not only offer you guide book but also you will get various size needles and hooks. Some models also offer cute bags so that you can carry your yarn balls or all the necessary items at the same time wherever you go.

4. Material

Before purchasing yarns, it is necessary to look for materials that are ever-lasting. Acrylic yarn is made of synthetic fibers. Knitting with such kinds of yarns will hold up your products for years as they are extremely durable.

You can wash acrylic yarns easily. You can wash them on your washing machine as well. There is some kind of acrylic yarns which are washed by hands only. It does not require any sort of chemicals like bleach or solvents.

When you dry acrylic yarn you shouldn’t use high heat, dry cleaning or natural drying is the most preferable way of preserving the yarns for a longer period. You also be cautious about not using iron for drying purposes.

Due to such characteristics, we strongly recommend you choose acrylic yarn for pom-poms to ease your deep thirst for crafting.

4. Affordability

Finally, when you consider the cost of yarns, acrylic yarns are the most affordable in price and super soft and cozy in nature. Because of its synthetic material, it costs lower than other animal-based materials such as silk. Silk pom-poms are difficult to handle.

Here you can invest a small amount of your budget for making high-quality pom-poms. Acrylic yarns are suitable for making your crafting and knitting journey smooth at a cheaper price in your hand.

Our 4 Interesting Ways to Make Pom-poms

It takes an insignificant amount of time to make remarkably beautiful pom-poms. There are 4 amazing ways you can easily create pom-poms without much hassle. So let’s start our pom-pom-making journey!

  • Way-01: Pom-poms with a Fork

At first, you have to drag a thread from a skein. Then start folding the strand around the fork steadily but tightly.

If you want to make tiny pom-poms, then fold the yarn strand about 20 times around the dinner range fork. Leave a small gap at the bottom and top of the fork.

After that take a loose yarn to create a tight knot surrounding the overall folded yarns on the fork. Now pull it off from the fork and tie multiple knots for more curls. Cut all those loops with a scissor.

For larger pom-poms fold the yarn more than 50 times with a large fork and repeat the process in the same way.

  • Way-02: Pom-poms with a Pom-pom Maker

Firstly, you will have to open one-half of your pom-pom maker and start folding your desired color yarn. Here you need only about one half to one ounce of the yarn to make a fascinating pom-pom. Once you have done your wrapping now you have to cut the yarn with a scissor.

Next, you have to open the opposite half of the pom-pom maker and continue folding. Once the maker is all folded with your yarn, now close both sides of the maker.

Now, insert your scissor into the channel which presents at the middle of the maker, cut the yarns from both sides and a length of yarn from the skein, tie the loose yarn along the same channel and create one or two knots into that.

Lastly, open up the whole pom-pom maker and reveal your finished product after a little bit of trimming.

  • Way-03: Pom-poms Using a Cardboard Disc

Here, you need a pom-pom-making template, print it out, and attached it with your cardboard with the help of glue, then cut the board to give a nice disc shape. You need two cardboard discs.

Then you have to cut a 12-inches long yarn. Place the yarn in the middle of one disc and put the other disc on top of it. Now begin wrapping around the whole discs with your yarn about 120 times to make a fluffy pom-pom.

After you finish folding take the loose yarn that you place in the center of the wrapped yarn to create a tight knot. Bring your scissor to cut the folded yarn from the edge of the disc and tie another knot to secure the pom-pom shape perfectly

Subsequently, take off it from the disc and give it a bit of trim at the end.

  • Way-04: Pom-poms Using Your Fingers

This is the easiest way of making pom-poms. It doesn’t require many supplies. Here you only have to use your fingers for wrapping your yarn.

So, fold the yarn around your four fingers about 150 times, after the finish, your wrapping cut it and pull it out from your fingers carefully. Take a 6 inches long loose yarn the skein and make one or two knots tightly with that yarn.

Next, with the help of a scissor cut and trim the folded yarn in the same process as I mentioned in the rest of the ways above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you are still confused and scrutinize more about yarns deeply then we are here to answers some of those relevant questions to make your job easier regarding choosing fine yarns.

1. Can you make pom poms with cotton yarn?

Answer: Yes,  you can create pom-poms with cotton materials. Cotton yarn is a plant-based fiber but not an appropriate choice for beginners. Beginners find it difficult to knit pom-poms with cotton than an expert.

2. What type of yarn is best for pom-poms?

Answer: Acrylic yarn for pom poms is the most suitable option at present. Acrylic yarn comes in many hues and you can mix and match your preferred colors easily. It is durable and you can wash them easily.

3. How many yards of yarn do you need to make a pom pom?

Answer: It completely depends on how big you want to make your pom-poms to be. If you want to make tiny balls in the bulk amount then you need 200 yards of yarns around.

4. Why do my pom-poms fall apart?

Answer: Your pom-poms get detached over time. It is either because you use thin threads and it breaks down eventually while creating a hard knot or you trim the yarns excessively.

5. How many times do you wrap yarn for pom poms?

Answer: To wrap yarn for pom-poms is depended on you. To make larger pom-poms, you have to fold the yarns around your two fingers 125 times maximum. The more you surround the yarns, the thicker your pom-poms will be at the end.

Final Words

Choosing the best yarn for pom-poms is imperative because the supreme model of threads will make your pom-poms texture ever-lasting. It will reduce your struggles and you can easily hold its fascinating appearance for several decades.

I will strongly suggest, if you want to make pom-poms for your home décor purpose, then you should grab some heavy caliber but washable acrylic yarns, but for regular usage or as children playful tools you can purchase a slight cheaper standard yarn skein.

So, take your time as much as possible, keep your keen eye and thoughts to ensure getting the rich grade and the material for pom-poms before making your final investment. You will embrace your decision later on surely.

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