Scrapbook vs Photo Album – Check Out the Differences?

Scrapbook vs Photo Album

The traditional way of storing photos has always been photo albums. But with the recent availability of good quality printing options, there’s an option of choosing between two things – an old photo album or a modern scrapbook. In this guide, we’ll talk about both of these and how to work your way around the … Read more

How to Sew Quilt Batting Together Like A Pro?

how to sew quilt batting together

Quilt batting is situated in the middle layer of a quilt. This material allows you to enjoy the softness and warmth of the fabric. There are different types of quilt batting – low-loft and high-loft. The former one is fluffy, whereas the latter one is even fluffier than usual. If you have done quilting, it … Read more

How to Do Applique? – The Correct Way

how to do applique

Doing applique might sound like serious business but in reality, a complete beginner can learn to do one in just a matter of hours. There are advanced complicated methods but you don’t have to go for them initially. As a beginner, it’s a good idea to learn how to do applique in simple methods that … Read more

Oil Paint vs Acrylic Paint: What’s the Difference?

Oil Paint vs Acrylic Paint

When you’re just starting your journey with painting, your first approach should be getting acquainted with the basics. This is where oil and acrylic paints come into the picture. Painting basics require you to be familiar with watercolor, acrylic, and oil paints. Most people can differentiate watercolor paints due to their consistency. But the job … Read more

Top 7 Much Needed Sewing Essentials for Beginners

Sewing Essentials for Beginners

The art of sewing is taken up by enthusiasts around the world and nurtured by many as one of the most refined forms of artistic exposure. Some people even take up sewing as a regular household task for everyday fabric mending needs. Over time, numerous sewing styles, techniques, and equipment have been developed. Nonetheless, taking … Read more

How To Apply Heat Transfer Vinyl With Iron?

How To Apply Heat Transfer Vinyl With Iron

If they can do it, then why can’t you? Yes, we’re talking about making your own T-shirt with the perfect HTV. Wait a minute! Who said anything about having a heat press machine to do that?  You’ve got an iron in the house? Well, that’s more than enough for you to pull off the job. … Read more

How to Make Glitter Tumblers with Epoxy?

How to Make Glitter Tumblers with Epoxy

If you love doing craft works, you know the kind of patience you will require throughout the whole time. In the case of making glitter tumblers with epoxy, you have to experience the same thing. Surprisingly, this DIY task is quite easy if you have the proper tools and techniques. After you are done with … Read more

Heat Transfer Vinyl vs Screen Printing – Know The Differences

heat transfer vinyl vs screen printing

If you are planning to make customized t-shirts for a party or just for yourself, you must be asking yourself which printing type will be the best. Not only for personal reasons, but you can also have the same question in your mind for professional purposes. Other than t-shirts, this kind of printing becomes mandatory … Read more

How to Decorate a Scrapbook? – Step by Step

how to decorate a scrapbook

Everyone loves scrapbooks. It is the kind of thing that is affordable and gives you the opportunity to relive some beautiful memories. You can go to the past or plan for a beautiful future, thanks to this fantastic paper. Plus, you can keep all your beloved memories in an organized fashion, and you will be … Read more

How to Melt Candle Wax to Reuse? – 5 Useful Methods

how to melt candle wax to reuse

It’s a common scene that we throw away the candles after the wick is gone completely, and the leftover candle on the bottom can no longer be burnt. But if you only knew how easy melting candles is, you would not throw them away. In this guide, we will see some ideas on how to … Read more