Thermoflex Plus vs Siser Easyweed – Which HTV is Better?

thermoflex vs siser

Ain’t it a hell of a sweaty decision to pick only one when two great brands come face to face? But if the names are Thermoflex Plus and Siser Easyweed, the toughness of the decision jumps to a whole other level. So, in case you’re thinking of picking a side in the race of thermoflex … Read more

13 Different Types of Embroidery Thread Explained

Types of Embroidery Thread

Embroidery is a beautiful technique that is done to decorate fabric or other types of materials with the help of a needle. You will be able to create various designs according to your wish, and with proper tools and techniques, you can successfully get the job done without any hassle. Most of the embroidery either … Read more

How to Fray Macrame Cord: Easy Step by Step Guide for Beginners

How to Fray Macrame Cord

If you are looking to bring additional beauty and character to your beloved macramé projects, you should know the proper techniques to get the job done. Fraying macramé cord is a very smart approach that can give you satisfactory results in the end. You will get unique textures and even attractive features that will make … Read more

What Are the Types of Applique Stitches? And Know Their Secrets

Types of Applique Stitches

The word “Applique” is similar to the English word “apply” and they’re kind of similar in a way.  An Applique is a piece of cloth applied and sewn-on fabric to create a special depth or style. We will talk about the different types of applique stitches and how to understand their specific goals so that … Read more

Types of Thread for Sewing – All You Need to Know!

Types of Thread for Sewing

When you think of sewing a piece of cloth with your favorite design, the first thing that knocks your mind is, “Is the quality of the thread good enough?” Though the dress is the first thing people would notice around and talk about, it depends on the thread how appealing that apparel would be. There … Read more

How to Print on T-shirt Without Transfer Paper

how to print on t-shirt without transfer paper

Transfer paper is the most familiar material in the priority list of people who want to print their shirts but are searching for an easier way. Yet, the problem with being common is that most people don’t get the chance to discover more ways of proceeding. Customization has always been a trend, and in recent … Read more

06 Very Useful Acrylic Painting Techniques For Beginners

Acrylic Painting Techniques For Beginners

Acrylics are the favorite chalk-horse for a newcomer because of their contemporary and versatile nature. Acrylic colors evaporated at a higher speed and removable from any facet comfortably. It helps artists in contrasting their potential vibrant choices of colors at any time without any hesitation. Those earthy and fluorescent acrylic shades are a relatively cost-effective … Read more

How to Strengthen Air Dry Clay

How to Strengthen Air Dry Clay

In terms of art projects and decorative occasions, one of the most common and popular choices is air drying clay. The craft has been so famous, especially among youngsters, because of its availability and inexpensiveness. The structure of this type of Clay is easier to use whether you are a beginner or a professional. Most … Read more