How to Fray Macrame Cord: Easy Step by Step Guide for Beginners

If you are looking to bring additional beauty and character to your beloved macramé projects, you should know the proper techniques to get the job done.

Fraying macramé cord is a very smart approach that can give you satisfactory results in the end. You will get unique textures and even attractive features that will make the fabric stand out from others.

After reading this, you may ask, how to fray macramé cord? Have no fear because we have got you covered.

From our article, you will get the answer to this question. Moreover, you will get other information that will be a big benefit for your project in the long run. Read on to find out more.

How to Fray Macrame Cord : Step-by-Step Process

Below, you will find a step-by-step process that you can go through and follow in order to successfully finish the task.

To fray the macramé cord, you have to go through the fringing process.

Step 1: Use a Proper Comb

To give the fringe a beautiful texture, you have to comb it first. Don’t use a regular comb for this purpose. Instead, go for a steel one that is durable and will give you the best performance all the time.

Plus, this will help you whenever you prefer to macramé. Besides, it allows you to untangle the end of the rope smoothly and efficiently.

Also, check whether your chosen one is designed with open teeth.

Step 2: Comb the Fringe

According to the cord you are using, you have to comb it in a different way.

If you have a single-strand cord, you have to comb the fibers in a way that it becomes straight. In this way, the texture will become fluffy and smooth.

Whereas for the piled cord, the process is a bit challenging. Don’t worry; with practice, you will get the confidence to finish this task cleverly. For a 3 or 4-ply cord, you have to untangle each of the strands before you start combing the fringe.

There will be three separate strands of small size that create the primary strand. Make sure you clear out this strand so that you don’t face the hassle of tangling.

Once you are done with that, you can have a sigh of relief. Now, the combing process will be effortless, and you will get the same experience as the single-strand one, cheers!

Step 3: Start Trimming

Before you dive into trimming, check whether the cords are straight or not. Solve any overlapping issues and then begin this step.

Fortunately, there are two ways that you can do the proper trimming. Here are all of them so that you can choose which one fits your criteria the best.

  • Freehand Cutting

This process will be easy if you are confident about your cutting. Your skill will also be mandatory, as well.

If you have an excess amount of cord, you should go with this method so that you get the kind of shape according to your wish. It will give you simple results and won’t complicate anything.

  • Cardboard Cutting

Luckily, with the use of cardboard, you can get accurate trims in any situation. In the previous method, you have to rely on your knowledge and skills, but in this case, the cardboard will guide you from start to end.

With it, you can cut in a straight line. Be careful when you have placed it on the material. Make sure that it is accurately aligned according to your plan. This will give you a fresh line that could lift your mood out of the blue.

When everything is all set, begin cutting in the direction of the cardboards’ edge line.

You will be surprised to know that you can cut the cardboard piece into different shapes according to your preference.

Step 4: Hold the Fibers in Its Position

To hold the fibers in its position, you should use a hairspray or fabric stiffener. Not only will this solve the problem, but also it will prevent the fibers from not getting messy when you have hung them up.

Spray on the fringe a couple of times and do it on both sides. Comb through the fringe and leave it to dry.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. In this case, you have to take the help of a felt fabric (single piece). You have to cut the felt in your required shape and then join it on the macramé using glue.

Congrats! You are done with this project. Give everything a final check, and if you manage to find any flaws, solve it immediately.


Hope you have got how to fray macrame cord. Be mentally prepared that the project will require your full attention and time. So, don’t be in a hurry.

Work on the task in a room where you won’t be distracted by anything. Consult with a professional if you are still confused with some aspects.

Best of luck!

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