How To Make Fluffy Pom Poms in Different Ways?

Each and every person who loves to decorate their space has a latent desire to customize the decor as their own preference. Since ancient days, pom-poms tend to be shiny and gorgeous in order to get the attention of the crowd. Compared to the tassels and jewelled trinkets, the pom-pom has always been a sign of tradition and joy.

Along with time, the process of making pom-poms has evolved in different ways and has made it more widespread. And it’s beyond mentioning that the fluffier the pom poms are, the more eye-catchy vision they would offer.

In this article, we would refer to all the methods from making pom poms to assembling those strikingly. So, from now on, you won’t regret not having a pom pom of your own choice!

The Secret Behind Super Fluffy Pom Poms

The method of making a pom-pom is quite similar to making other crochet-works. But one thing that makes it unique is the “Fluffy” style. So, I use a secret tool to maintain its uniqueness as well as its proper structure.

There are several ways to make this handmade craft such as- using a piece of cardboard, a tissue box or a simple pom pom maker. But as per my experience, I would recommend a “Donut Pom Pom Maker” as a secret weapon. You can use cardboard instead of that. This handy thing is easier to use and far better than any other option. This fun-looking thing is made from beech wood, and the anatomy is explicit enough for trouble-free usage. Size may differ if you are using it for different purposes, but at the end, the trimming process is executed so perfectly that your craft will look like a ready-made fluffy ball!

What’s the Best Yarn to Make with?

If you want to take a closer look at the substances used to fluff your pom-poms, the first thing you will get is “Yarn”. So, making the best decision in terms of choosing the perfect kind of chunky yarn is not only necessary; it’s a must before starting the process.

Wools, cotton fiber, polyester, etc. can be used as the yarn for knitting. But the best type of yarn for the pom pom rug is Acrylic. The best part about this yarn is, it’s available and also inexpensive! On the other hand, it is of different sizes and can be wrapped quickly around the pom pom maker. You can choose the inspection by yourself and prioritize your precedence.

Materials you Need before Starting

The ensuing are some basic stuff to assemble the project:

  1. Preferable Yarn.
  2. Sharp Scissors.
  3. A Donut Pom-pom Maker/ A Piece of Cardboard.
  4. One Pencil.
  5. Dog Brush.

How to Make Fluffy Pom-poms: Step by Step Instructions

It’s easy to follow the steps and make a pom pom, but the most challenging part is, to make it “Fluffy perfect”. Here are some tranquil ways to make it a perfect one-

1. Use a Pom-pom Maker

As mentioned earlier, I prefer a Donut sized maker as a structural instrument. First, estimate both circles (inside and outside) and check if those are appropriate for your layout or not. Make sure that the inner circle is not too big to create a larger space and cause you difficulty in tying the yarn. Also, it should not be too small that you can’t even wrap the string in there!

The maker has two separate portions, and each consists of two parts. Put those two parts (of each side) on top of each other and be careful that the outside hinge should be towards the outside and the other one towards the inside. Then match it up, use the divots to hold, and pin it together. You need to ensure that as long as you keep pinching, the maker would hold it all tightly and stick together.

2. Wrap with the Yarn

Once your maker is placed in the right way, you can start wrapping it with the yarn. Start from the edge of one side of the Donut maker and press the thread with one thumb. Use another hand to cover it. You can use a pencil to keep balance.

Keep on rounding all over but remember to avoid the bottom part. After covering the whole portion of one side, bring the pieces of yarn to an end. The bundle of yarn is now on a certain level, and there are no strings over either of these two bits.

3. Combine the Two Parts

Pop the last part of your yarn to the other side of the pom pom maker and carry on with going all the way around. Be careful not to get on the string and finish filling it up.

So, now both sides are done. You just need to fold it down and snip. After combining, you will see the existing part of the yarn at the edge that indicates the fact that you are done with knitting.

4. Measure the Length

At this stage, it might be a disaster if you discover that it’s not the same length you considered earlier after completing the whole process! So, it’s imperative to do a perfect measurement before you move to the step of using a scissor.

The most popular length of a fluffy pom-pom is a minimum of 4-6” to a maximum of 5” that is considered as a standard length.

5. Take a Sharp Scissor

As you are sure about the length and completed all the significant steps, now you have to make it look like a real craft. That’s why you need a sharp scissor to use as a cutter.

Start from the borderline of the craft maker and continue cutting the yarn all the way around. Check if any tail is longer and if yes, then cut from the edgy side, not the middle portion. Be careful that your pom pom maker remains shut all this time.

6. Time to Check if it’s Fluffy or not

The best way to check it is by using a dog brush- yes, you heard it right! All you need to do is, hold the pom pom tightly with one hand and just brush it from the bottom to the top part. After 2 to 3 minutes, you will discover a very fluffy and soft outcome of your craft project.

Style it for Occasion

These dramatically creative pom poms are ideal for any upcoming occasion, especially if you celebrate them at home. They come with a variety of color and decorative options and also can be used instead of real flowers. Christmas, Easter Sunday, Parties, or even Weddings can be turned into an inventive happening with these cute and yummy pom poms.

What is the Best Pom Pom Making Method?

When it comes to creating adorable pom poms for all your DIY projects, there are several methods to choose from. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a beginner looking to add some charm to your projects, these techniques are sure to impress you.

From our perspective, the best method is the traditional cardboard circle technique. This classic approach involves cutting two identical circles out of cardboard and then cutting a smaller circle within each one. The yarn is then wrapped around the two circles until they are completely covered. Once the wrapping is complete, carefully cut along the outer edge of the cardboard and secure the strands together with a separate piece of yarn. With this method, you can easily create pom poms in various sizes by adjusting the size of your circles.

Final Words

From mini sizes to big additions, the fluffy pom-poms add beauty to your wall. By following the above instructions, you can enhance your home decor with your own customization and offer yourself a beautiful vision.

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