How to Make Jewelry with Stones and Wire? – Steps, Tricks, and Secrets!

Jewelry is something that makes you special and presentable in your own eyes, as well as in the eyes of the outer world. So, when it comes to adorning yourself, it’s totally up to you which material you choose to wear. You can wear a gold necklace, silver or stones as well.

Nowadays, people love the elements more as embellishments that are easy to find and comfortable to wear. Rather than confining the stones, sands, or wires into a fancy mug in your Almirah, it’s far better to use them in a productive process that initially helps you express your beauty. That is why stones and wires are commonly used as a jewelry option which turns out to be an excellent substitute in our daily busy lives!

This article provides step-by-step guidelines for using these constituents and turning these backyard garden elements into beautiful ornament.

Secrets You Should Know Before Starting

As this method is getting popular day by day, people are experimenting in different ways with these elements. But what most of them are- the “Secrets.” There are certainly some tips you need to know before going on with this process-

1. Select the Right Wire

The size and type of wire differ as making the jewelry is not always the same. But the ideal same of a wire is- round because it’s not fussy. Also, it’s easy to bend this type of bend so that you can work more quickly.

2. Choose a Perfect Stone

Though the right kind of wire is a must, the stone is more appealing as an ornament than a person should first notice. A common misconception about stone is, it needs to have smoothness. But it’s wrong! The more burnished it is, the more it would be difficult for you to decorate it.

3. Don’t Rush

Sometimes, a perfect gauge or metal can get ruined if you don’t concentrate and have small scars on the jewelry. On the other hand, if the stone is a bit slippery, your quicker doings can hamper the design.

5 Ways to Make Jewelry with Stones and Wire

As you’ve read all the tips and tricks to use all the non-fancy elements, it’s finally time to proceed with the right method. Following are the stuff and procedure you need to ensure to make perfect wire-wrapped stone jewelry-

Materials you’ll Need

  • Stone (or your preferable metal).
  • Wire-cutter.
  • 24- gauge wire (for about 2 cm high).
  • Pliers.
  • Chain (used for a necklace).

1. Cut the Wire According to the Stone

Start the procedure by cutting two gauge wire pieces (in this method, 24- gauge) depending on your stone’s size. Each gauge should be at least 6 inches long and onwards.

The measurements can change if the stone weighs heavier. In that case, you might need a 20 or 22- gauge wire and ensure it’s a little bit thicker than the earlier one.

 2. Twist the Wires

The two wires need to be twisted at the center to get along with the stone. To do that, rotate your wrist while keeping both the wires above the intersection with your thumb and index finger.

Be careful about the fact that it is a twist, not a wrap. So, both of the wires need to get on with each other. Through twisting, wire creates a scope for holding the stone.

3. Assemble the Wire

Hold the part of the twisted wire and place the stone in between. The best side to place the wire is beneath the wider portion of that stone. It gets easier to shape the metal like a pendant then, and the wires don’t slip out!

4. Again Twist the Other Side

Just like the earlier side, keep twisting the other part as well. Make sure the length is the same for each part. You can keep the stone aside until you complete twisting for both sides.

So now, the wire is perfectly ready to fit in the pendant. Check carefully if the stone’s place is of appropriate height and length so that it doesn’t slip away.

5. Secure the Stone and Twist the Wires

As you are done with making the perfect wire shape, it’s high time you secured the stone into that. After that, twist the pair of wires for the final time, once on the front and then on the back to ensure the stone is fixed enough.

You can bend one part of the wires at a 90 degree angle and trim the ends so that you can easily style it with a chain. Now just make a wrapped loop and add a chain!


Ending up perfectly with all the steps is never an easy choice, yet it’s not impossible! Even if it’s not the best project you started with enthusiasm, following the above suggestions would definitely leave a memory that is worth trying!

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