How to Make Multi Strand Stretch Bracelets – Quick & Easy Guideline

Bracelet is a top priority in the fashion world to embrace the beauty of the wrist and magnify one’s gratitude. It simply offers a vintage look that no one can object to wearing. This ornament has become so popular that throughout the years, people have found out different methods to decorate it as their preferences.

There is a bracelet for almost every occasion- whether it’s a party or a cancer awareness marathon. This accessory is sometimes made from gold, palladium, silver, and sometimes from elastic and silicon rubber too! No matter what the reason is, a bracelet is a meaning of that reason, and it signifies the importance of a specific thing in a person’s life.

In terms of comfort and beauty, compared to the other forms of this doobry, a stretchy one is the most suitable one. In this article, we will let you know why that is and ensure that you get one for yourself too!

Stretchy Bracelet as a Fashion Item

The trend is something that goes in and out, but fashion is something way more than that. To wear the glamour of the modern era, you need to be fashionable, and that’s where an elastic bracelet stands out.

The accessory is made from a rubbery material and measured in a standard length to ensure the best comfort. These are also to raise funds and awareness for different social or political issues which is a compulsory portion of fashion. So, a stretchy bracelet is comfortable to wear for your everyday look, as well as a pair with your favorite cocktail dress for a fabulous look.

Materials you Need: 

  • Measuring Tape
  • Seed Beads (as your preference)
  • Tape or Binder Clip
  • Elastic Cord
  • Embroidery Scissors
  • Clear Craft Glue

6 Easy Ways to Make Multi Strand Stretch Bracelets

Stretchy patterned accessories are not so known to most people. But people who wear those don’t actually get rid of the addiction to put on elastic additions. The most beautiful and unique among those are multi strands bracelets.

These bracelets are not only easy to make but also allow you to decorate as your desire. Here are some effortless and quick ways to make it:

1. Choose the Right Kind of Bead

Beads are one of the most essential materials as they highlight the bracelet mostly. While choosing the beads, remember that they should not be heavy, not too small to string on the cord, and also not too large that can loosen the accessory.

Seed beads are the best choice in this term as they don’t have sharp edges around the holes. Also, there are plastic beads, pony beads, or even acrylic beads to use for your bracelet. But make sure to check before using and adequately use them.

2. Use an Elastic Cord

This is the best kind of thread you can use if you are a beginner. You can just put the beads in the elastic cord (in case if they have larger holes). If the beads have smaller holes, you might need a collapsible eye needle or big-eye needle to string those on the thread.

Because of its elasticity, you can have a standard thread or fabric covering. Thicker elastic offers suitable space for larger beads and thinner ones are for smaller beads. The cords come in black or white colors usually.

3. String all the Beads for your Accessory

Before starting this step, measure your wrist once again. Take the elastic cord and wrap it around your hand. You need to leave a small space between your skin and the bracelet and wrap it one and a half times around the waist to have a perfect size.

Now use a binder clip over one of the ends of the cord to prevent it from sliding off and put the beads onto that. Try to put the bead with the largest hole at first and then gradually the others. Continue this process until you have it all but be careful of not putting too many materials to cause stretch around the hand.

4. Tie a Knot at the End

When you are done, take off the clip and tie a knot. This is the most difficult part and needs experience. But not impossible if you are reading this article!

At first, start by folding the two ends of the cord, like tying a pair of your shoes. Tie in a square shape to get it tighter. Be sure that you have tied the knot from each end so that it doesn’t slip away.

5. Hide the Knot with Glue

Suppose you followed all the rules and now just a step behind to call your accessory a personalized one, but lastly, you failed to hide the knot!

This is actually a lousy ending you can’t even imagine about. And also, if the knot is visible, it would look unfinished and messy. So, what you need to do is, keep a glue for elastic bracelets with you to use in this last step. Put a drop of glue over the knot, simply hide it under a bead and keep it aside for some hours to dry.

6. Cut off the Edge of the Strings

Once the glue has dried, just stretch out the ends of each cord. As you are making a bracelet with multi strands, you need to be aware of the sketchy ends of each thread.

You can use scissors for trimming to get a nice, sharp end.

Final Words

As you have successfully followed all the stages, you can now wear your own customized stretchy bracelet that glorifies your personality with its stunning strands and also adds glamour to your beauty. While ready-made bracelets are commercial, your’s will be the most festive and durable one without any doubt!

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