How to Make Yarn Hats in Easiest Way – The Step by Step Process

Yarn hats are one of the best outfits that can complement your regular day look. This hat works both as your warm keeper and also as a stylish accessory. No matter who is wearing this, it’s sure that he/she would feel comfortable and warm in that.

These hats are not only some accessories, rather a sign of care and love. And if you can make this craft by yourself, it gets a touch of your own preference as well as a feeling of homeliness.

In this article, we will take you through the easiest ways of having that touch in your beautiful craft.

5 Easiest Steps to Make Yarn Hats

If you are a beginner, the pattern of crochet might seem a bit hard for you. But if you learn the following tips step-by-step, you’ll end up making a gorgeous hat without even considering any kind of trouble-

1. Pick the Right Kind of Yarn

The first and foremost thing before you start knitting your hats is choosing the exact type of yarn that you need for your craft.

Yarn is of different types categorized from the range of 0 to 5. Starting from the lightest weight, the best range for a hat is 2 to 3 having a ply from 2 to 5. This type of yarn is easy to wash and soft enough to ensure comfort on your winter days.

In short, the most suitable fibers such as as- wool, alpaca, acrylic, and other natural fibers are best for maintaining a warm ambiance.

3. Begin with a Slip Knot

First, make a slip knot and place the hook into that knot. Now you can make ch as your preferable length. But approximately 12-13” or 30-35 cm is a good size, however long you would like to make your hat.

Then to close the ring, attach the last stitch to the top of the first stitch.

3. Ensure the Foundation

In this step, you need to make the foundation of your hat so that the outer look, as well as the inner structure, remains just the way you want. You can start stitching from the last stitch of the crochet or from the first chain. Then keep doing it until you’ve completed one round around the main circle.

Now you’ll see that there are 7 single crochet on that round and the shape looks like V.

4. Work up to the Final Stitches

As you have completed stitching 7 single crochet, you will start now from the 8th one. Remember that all the stitching process should be on the 1st chain.

You will be increasing evenly around the circle and keep stitching until you get to your recommended circumference number. Here we will work with 40 stitches considering it a decent range. Once you hit that 40, workaround just those 40 stitches until you reach the desired length of the hat.

So, to increase evenly, just go through the following rounds-

  • Round 1

If you take a closer look, you will see that each of the gaps contain 2 single crochet and each crochet contains 4 stitches.

So, a total of 8 stitches will be there in the 1st round.

  • Round 2

Now begin with the 3rd stitch (that counts as first in this round), and then move to the next stitch. The second stitch would be at the base of the chain.

Now double it at the end and that’s when you’ll get 16 stitches in total. At the end of this round, Join it with the main circle of the crochet.

  • Round 3

In this round, you will take 1 single crochet to start stitching. As because you started with 8 stitches in the middle, after finishing this phase, you’ll end up with 24 single crochet.

Also, continue with making it double as the earlier round.

  • Round 4

Start with the first chain and keep working with a single crochet in each of the next stitches. So, it would be 2 single crochet in the following stitch and 1 single crochet in each of the next stitches.

Carry on with it for 7 times and now the round would end up with 32 stitches.

  • Round 5

Resume with the same method from chain 1 and then work 7 times in each of the next 3 stitches until you get 40 single crochet stitches.

The pattern would be like- single-single-single-double and the middle part would look like a loop or a flat circle that gives a nice crafty style at the top of your hat.

5. Continue Without Increasing the Circle

As the goal of 40 stitches circumference has been achieved, you’ll need to work around the circle without increasing now. So, there will be 1 single crochet for each of the stitches all the way around.

Repeat this continual process until the hat measures at least 5 inches from the round portion of the center. You can also estimate the size once again to be sure of the length.

Final Words

If you are searching for a stocky addition with flexibility and ease, the yarn hats come across with the best trump card to offer you. It is on the top of anyone’s priority list, especially during the winter days. By sticking to the points mentioned above, you can assemble your favorite apparel in a precise way.

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