How to Waterproof Outdoor Cushions – The Proper Guide

When you are trying to have a good time in the outdoor space, one thing you need to ensure first is proper comfort. In terms of comfort with luxury, cushions can offer you the best option you could aspire to while spending time in the outer area of your home.

Having cushions as your luxury addition is nothing less than having rich furniture. But on top of that, you must get luxury and consolation in one frame. That’s why maintaining good care of your cushions is not an option; it’s a must.

The most irritating strain with these additions is when you go to have a nap on your cushions and feel that those are drenched! So, making those waterproof will not only create scope for relaxation but also allows you to enjoy your outdoor space for a longer time.

Why do you Need Cushions for Outdoor Space?

Sometimes, you just need free space, which you can call your own, and get rid of all your tensions. From beautiful wallpaper to comfortable furniture, each one is necessary. But what adds charm to these decorative things is the cushions.

Adding a cushion not only gives you perfection to your composure but also offers a decorative look. It brings in desire in you to sit there, chat a bit, and share your top secrets!

Materials you Need to Collect

  1. Plastic
  2. Vinyl Spray.
  3. Table Fan/ Hair Dryer.
  4. Soap Mixture.
  5. A Bowl.

5 Ways to Waterproof your Cushions

In this article, we will walk you through all the steps of turning your cushions into waterproof ones and reduce your expense of buying new ones! Here are 5 easy tricks to execute the process:

1. Ensure the Cleanliness

To make your outdoor space a tip-top one is essential, but what’s more important is cleaning the cushions properly so that when you are experimenting with something, it doesn’t fade away.

It would cost only 1 to 2 hours of your day once a month to make those dirt-free. Just pick a date (sunny day), dampen each of the cushions thoroughly, and spray with the cleaning solution. Repeat the same procedure on all the sides of the item and try those accurately. Once those are dried, you can start with the final proceeding.

2. Spray with Vinyl

When you are done cleaning your cushions, you need to concentrate on the elements that can help you to waterproof your bolster. You can use vinyl spray that adds a breathable water repellent barrier to protect the outdoor fabrics. It extends the usefulness while keeping surfaces looking better.

Hold the spray can at 6 to 8 inches from the surface of the cushions and spray with a smooth, continuous stroke. There is no need to saturate the cushions with the mist. You can spray 4 to 5 times maximum to cover the front side of the pillow. In case you need more spraying filler, you can repeat it again but at first, make sure you are not spraying twice in one place. Do this for the opposite side too. This one is better because it doesn’t affect the softness of the couch and also doesn’t leave any odor!

3. Let those Dry Properly

The best way to maintain outdoor cushions throughout the years is to invest in a preventive method. The easiest way towards that method is to make sure that the cushions are not wet and never get wet.

After spraying with vinyl, or UV materials, always remember not to put those in a dryer to heat. You can simply apply pressure to remove any water remnant then place it on a sunny spot. If you want to dry it inside your house, you can use a table fan too.

4. Plastic Covers

If your cushion covers are removable, replacing those with newer ones is the best option. A plastic cover is instrumental in that case.

After removing the earlier ones, you can add the washing solution as the coating on both sides. Then use plastic to cover the whole pillow in that. So now, you are sure that water can no longer walk in through your comfort zone!

Considerations You Need To Think Of

Remember one thing that, no matter what procedure you follow, dirt is a significant factor in reducing the effectiveness of the steps mentioned above. On the other hand, UV damage is also a large barrier that you need to cross to get a better result.

Find a solution that only protects the cushions from water, but also from UV rays, dirt and ensures comfort in the outdoor place.


At the end of the day, all you would be looking for is a bit of rest from all the exhaustion. By following all these tips, you will find a space for peace undoubtedly, and that too without worrying about all the possible complications!

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